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Doctors & Therapists

Dr. Deepika Jain

Professional Affiliations as Developmental Paediatrician

  • Founder and Director of Shishu Child Development and Early Intervention Centre
  • Neurodevelopment Consultant and Faculty at LG Govt Hospital (A.M.C MET Medical College)
  • Faculty Member, District Early Intervention Centre (Government of Gujarat) at Health & Care Foundation
  • Cofounder of “KSHAMTA Institute for Learning Disabilities” NGO (reg no F/20385/Ahmedabad)
  • High Risk New-born Clinic (assessments & early intervention) at Arpan New-born Care Centre and Apple Institute of Child Health
  • Faculty at Saransh School for Special Needs Children (DPS Gandhinagar)

Research and Academia

  • Oral Paper and Poster Presentation at 3rd International Developmental Paediatric Association Congress held in Manila in December 2019
  • Two Oral Paper’s presented in “32 European Academy of Childhood Disability” conference held in Poland 2020
  • Poster presented in BPNA “British Paediatric Neurology Association” annual conference held in Jan 2021
  • Poster presentation in Genomics of Rare Disease 2021- Virtual Conference by Wellcome Genome Campus (A unique case of post- zygotic de novo somatic variant in a male child with Rett syndrome)
  • Principle Co-Investigator in National Level Genetic Study on Genetics in Autism Spectrum Disorder – funded by the Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission (GSBTM). (GSBTM/JDR&D/608/2020/456-458).

Research Publications

Trained in

  • VINELAND 3, WRAT 5 and BASC 3
  • PREP (Pathways & Resources for Engagement & Participation) by CanChild Canada
  • Prechtl’s General Movement Assessment
  • 3Di diagnostic tool for Autism
  • DASII, Hammersmith Neonatal Exam
  • DSM 5, ISAA