Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday- 10am to 6pm
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Ahmedabad Branch : +919824077189
Gandhinagar Branch: +917016188411

Brain Gym is part of the Educational Kinesiology programme.

Educational Kinesiology means “To draw out learning using movement.”

Brain Gym – 26 Movements & activities that enhance the physical skills of learning namely organization.

Comprehension, logical thinking, focus & attitude

Improve the physical, cognitive, spatial, listening skills.

Eye teaming, hand-eye coordination & whole-body flexibility.

This in turn brings about an improvement in the reading, writing, listening, math skills, comprehension, attention & concentration.

For whom is Brain Gym?

  • Children who have difficulties with academics skills, coordination difficulties & difficulties with focus, attention & self-esteem.
  • To enhance the efficiency & better performance on the sports field.
  • People of all ages who want to enhance their lives & learning skills.