Shishu Child Development & Early Intervention Centre

Occupational Therapy

A specialised branch dealing with:

  • Fine motor issues
  • Sensory aspects
  • Visible – taste, vision, hearing, touch, smell
  • Invisible– vestibular & proprioceptive
  • Perceptual– various coordination’s
  • Praxia– planning ability of body It helps in Cerebral palsy

Occupational Therapy Helps In

  • Learning disability– (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia etc)
  • Handwriting issues– (faulty handgrip, poor handwriting)
  • Cognitive– Poor attention span, poor problem-solving ability, Inability to identify similar looking alphabets (m &w, b & d)
  • Activities of daily living– (buttoning/ unbuttoning, toilet training etc)
  • School Issues– a problem in copying from the board, poor concentration in studies.

OT(Occupational Therapy) works as a part of a team that includes parents, teachers, and other professionals such as clinical psychologists and behavioural therapists. They develop skills such as command following, task completion as well as writing and reading skills that hamper a child’s school performance.

They also work on attention issues and social integration skills jeopardizing social development in children with conditions such as autism and ADHD. The aim is to make the child independent and fully functional as possible.

Occupational therapists use a different type of approaches like SI (sensory integration) therapy, NDT, cognitive- behaviour therapy, cognitive-perceptual activities.