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Speech Therapy & Language Therapy

Speech Therapy & Language Therapy

The work of the entire hearing apparatus from ear to the auditory cortex in the brain is to catch the sounds coming in the environment, to process it, decode its meaning and then to give an appropriate response.

Problem in any part of this process can lead to problems. Disability can be in language part, speech part or both.

  • Receptive language delay
  • Expressive language delay
  • Speech issues:
    • Misarticulations
    • Stammering
    • Voice modulation

For example:

  • In hearing impaired children language doesn’t develop properly leading to difficulty explaining verbally what they want to say.
  • Speech and Language are affected in children with developmental delays like cerebral palsy.
  • Slow learners may not have age appropriate language as they do not develop age appropriate vocabulary in time.
  • In learning disabilities child may have problem in being able to put forth their ideas concisely.
  • Autistic child may need alternative methods of communication like MEND, PEGS etc.

Speech Therapist and language therapist work on both speech and language issues, working on coordination between breathing- swallowing- speaking in speech issues and using various modalities to increase receptive & expressive language in language issues or combination of both as required.

Speech Therapy can improve communication skills in children with language issues.

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