Shishu Child Development & Early Intervention Centre

Cognitive & Behavior Therapy

CBT(COGNITIVE & BEHAVIOUR THERAPY) is a way used by therapist to help lead life in a better way and to improve quality of life. Through CBT(COGNITIVE & BEHAVIOUR THERAPY) child can deal with negative symptoms like fear, anxiety etc.

It also helps in school issues like not being able to fit in class, having peer issues, disturbing class, not able to follow class instructions etc. This is done by exploring the unconscious. Every human has a hidden self. Through CBT(COGNITIVE & BEHAVIOUR THERAPY) hidden self is explored and dealt with.

It basically focuses on feelings. It helps to overcome painful/ traumatic experiences, feeling of anger/ rage, guilt & grief which usually results in anxiety & defensiveness or aggressive behaviour. It helps child/adult become clear about their wishes wants and helps to develop an attainable goal.