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sensory integration in ahmedabad

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory integration ” When I did stims as dribbling sand through my fingers, it calmed me down. When I stemmed, sounds that hurt my ears stopped. Most kids with autism…

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occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy

A specialised branch dealing with: Fine motor issues Sensory aspects Visible – taste, vision, hearing, touch, smell Invisible– vestibular & proprioceptive Perceptual– various coordination’s Praxia– planning ability of body It…

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speech therapy and language therapy

Speech Therapy & Language Therapy

Speech Therapy & Language Therapy The work of the entire hearing apparatus from ear to the auditory cortex in the brain is to catch the sounds coming in the environment,…

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cognitive therapy in ahmedabad

Cognitive & Behavior Therapy

CBT(COGNITIVE & BEHAVIOUR THERAPY) is a way used by therapist to help lead life in a better way and to improve quality of life. Through CBT(COGNITIVE & BEHAVIOUR THERAPY) child…

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floour time therapy - autism therapy

Floor Time Therapy (Autism)

Floor Time Therapy (Autism) Floortime or DIR floortime stands for developmental, individual differences, relationship-based therapy model where parents play and interact with the child to expand the circles of communication,…

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hearing therapy ahmedabad

Jolly Phonic for Reading

Jolly phonics is a comprehensive programme that uses a multi-sensory approach to teach literacy using synthetic phonics. It is one of the most effective methods to teach young children the…

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brain gym

Brain Gym

Brain Gym is part of the Educational Kinesiology programme. Educational Kinesiology means “To draw out learning using movement.” Brain Gym – 26 Movements & activities that enhance the physical skills…

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therapy for dyslexia

Therapy for Dyslexia

Dyslexia? Dyslexia is a specific learning condition that makes it difficult for children to read. The signs of dyslexia can look different at different ages and sometimes the condition isn’t picked up…

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special education in ahmedabad

Special Education

Special education is the instruction that is specially designed to meet the unique needs of children who have difficulty learning in the conventional educational set up so they may have…

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Core Development Program in Ahmedabad

Core Development Therapy (CDP)

Core Development Program Its a unique program developed by Dew Drops Child Healthcare itself. By inculcating different techniques/strategies in this program for over all development of the child. This program…

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neuro developmental therapy

Neuro Development Therapy

Neuro Developmental Therapy(NDT) may be a hands-on treatment approach employed by physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. NDT was developed to reinforce the function of adults and youngsters who…

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Oral Placement Therapy

Oral Placement Therapy

Oral Placement Therapy Oral placement therapy is a tactile proprioceptive technique that utilities auditory, visual and tactile stimulation to the mouth to improve speech clarity, differentiation of oral movements, and…

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Theraputic Listening

Theraputic Listening Therapeutic listening program is an evidence based therapy for all age groups which is multi- facered sound based approach embedded in a developmental and sensory integration perspective.

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