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Child Development &
Early Intervention Centre

Anyone working with children and adolescents knows that they are in a unique position as they are dealing with growing & developing brain and bodies, no other speciality offers this advantage.

Unfortunately in early childhood stress tend to be more on physical growth (weight, height etc) and gross motor milestones (sitting, walking, running etc), we tend to miss fine motor milestones like reaching, manipulation and manual dextivey and cognitive milestones of social skills and understanding along with speech and language milestones.

Later on in preschool and in school time problems like not doing well in studies, not able to interact well with peers, being a misfit or having speech & language issues come up in many children with parents being clueless about what to do and how to address these issues.


With Neuro Developmental disorders like Autism showing prevalence of as high as 1:59, they need to be addressed as early as possible.

Keeping these facts in mind we opened “SHISHU, child development and early intervention centre” at Ahmedabad in 2011 September with focus on Specific Neuro Developmental Delays like Autism, Learning Delays, ADHD and Delays, fine motor skills, cognitive development, speech & language and various behavioural issues.

We work as a team of specialist each well trained in their own field, after initial developmental assessment, IAP (Individual Action Plan) is made according to needs of the child, sometimes parental counselling and home bound programme is all that is required, otherwise child is given therapy sessions according to his/ her needs (CBT, OT, SI, ABA, Speech, Special education, Remedial education etc). Periodic review is done and planned changed accordingly.

Meet Our Director​

Dr. Deepika Jain heads a team of Child Psychologists, Dyslexia teachers, Special Educator, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Physiotherapists offering comprehensive developmental services under one roof.
Dr Deepika Jain
Dr Deepika Jain - Developmental Paediatrician