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Psychological Clinic

Psychological Services – Developmental Disorder

Psychological Services

Children are impressionable and sensitive. They need able guidance and mentorship to become a successful and well-rounded person.

Shishu provides this much-needed guidance through passionate commitment, intense engagement and the best psychological services in Delhi NCR, India.

Shishu brings together the best child psychologists to achieve its mission of bringing up a healthy mind and a healthy body for the children, young adolescents & teenagers.

  • Emotional problems – exam phobia, refusal to attend school, psychogenic aches/ pains/ headaches/ stomachaches/ fits/ seizures,  depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, bed wetting, thumb sucking, psychogenic stammering, nail biting and other conditions like involuntary body movements of eyes/neck/facial muscles etc.
  • Behavioral Problems – being aggressive, stubborn, adamant, answering back, disobedience, Temper Tantrums and hitting other school kids.
  • Adjustment problems – stealing, lying, having relations with opposite sex, keeping bad company, spending more, talking too long over phone, showing off and other related adolescent adjustment issues.
  • Autism Remaining self preoccupied/inability to speak properly according to age.

The child may have some of these difficulties:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Writing & Learning related disorders – Dyslexia / Dysgraphia / Learning Disability
  • Academic problems
  • Very Naughty/Mischievous/Destructive and Restless Child.
  • Weak Attention & Concentration skills (ADHD)


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